Karnov Group – diversity and facts

No matter the level in the organisation, we are close to 50/50 men and women, which covers employees, managers and our board. In our HR and recruiting policies, we focus on recruiting the best employees without focusing on gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or the like. A constant focus on hiring the right people in terms of attitude, effort and ability is the guarantee for being objective in the recruitment process.


Our Vision

At Karnov Group we believe that the most successful companies are reflecting society as a whole, and that being a working place of equal opportunity is one of the cornerstones of our continuous growth as well as a competitive advantage.

Our vision is therefore:

  • To reflect the diversity of our society in all levels of the organization
  • To have leaders that actively encourage inclusion in their daily management
  • To be recognised as an inclusive and diverse place to work, and therefore be the partner of choice


Our Strategy

We are committed to creating a workplace of equal opportunity, where gender, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religious belief does not affect the hiring process, or career steps in our company.

We do this by:

  • Attracting and recruiting from a diverse group of talent
  • Educating and supporting hiring managers in ways of ensuring diversity in the recruitment process
  • Ensuring that the right policies and supporting ways of working are in place for continuous dialogue and improvement on diversity
  • Supporting our wide range of employees through employer branding communication