Lawful and fair

We will process personal data legally and fairly and in compliance with your rights.

Limited purposes

We only collect personal data for specific, explicit and lawful purposes. And personal data will solely be used for the purposes for which it was initially collected.


When we collect personal data from you or through other sources, we ensure that as a data subject you receive the necessary information in accordance with applicable legislation. You are always entitled to receive information about which personal data we collect about you.

Data minimisation

All personal data must be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which it was collected.


Personal data, which we process, must be precise and where necessary kept updated.

Time limited

Personal data will only be processed in a person-identifiable format for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and processed. Karnov Group has related procedures in place that ensure that personal data is deleted in a correct manner.


All processed personal data is considered confidential information. Karnov Group guarantees confidentiality by ensuring that all employees accept that personal data is confidential and by training the employees in how personal data must be processed.

How is your personal data used?

Karnov Group is committed to protecting your privacy when you visit this and other Internet websites of the Karnov Group. The processing of personal data that occurs when you visit the websites and utilize Karnov Group’s services, as well as the rights you have under the current data protection legislation, are described briefly herein. Unless otherwise is specifically stated when you provide personal data, Karnov Group AB, corp. identity no. 559016-9016, is responsible for the processing of your personal data.

You have the opportunity to ask questions, to order data or to contact Karnov Group through contacts provided on the website. When making an order or requesting contact, we ask you to enter such information that is necessary for us to comply with your request and for continued contact regarding the matter at hand, e.g. name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or other personal data. Karnov Group only uses the personal data to fulfil the relevant purpose. The data may be disclosed to Karnov Group’s partners when the partner has been engaged to administer the distribution of the relevant material or information, but will not otherwise be disclosed to others. In each context where you provide personal data, you receive more specified information and give your consent to how your personal data is processed.

If you subscribe to our press releases

If you choose to subscribe to our press releases you will be asked to provide you email address. Your information will be used to administer the press releases. If you choose to end your subscription, your personal data will be deleted.

Who protects your personal data?

Karnov Group has taken technical measures to ensure that the data is protected against destruction through accident, against any modification, unauthorized circulation of or unauthorized access to the data, as well as any other kind of unauthorized processing of the data.

Your rights

Once per calendar year, after a written request addressed to Karnov Group at the address specified above, you have the right to receive information on what personal data Karnov Group has registered about you free of charge.

You also have the right to, at any time, request correction of incorrect data, to modify information that you have previously provided, or to revoke a granted consent and notify that you oppose further processing of your personal data, or that you do not wish to receive continued information from Karnov Group. Your personal data will in that case be deleted as soon as possible with regards to any undertakings Karnov Group may have towards you.

In order to satisfy your requests, we ask you to provide complete information and to specify the context in which you have provided Karnov Group with data. Without this information, we do not have the possibility to verify, correct or delete information. You can make requests as follows:

By e-mail to

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