The Board’s remuneration in 2019*

(KSEK) Board
committee fee

committee fee

Magnus Mandersson 500 50 100 650
Ulf Bonnevier 300 50 35 385
Vivek Kumar*
Lone Møller Olsen 300 150 450
Samuel Offer*
Mark Redwood 300 300
Total 1,400 250 135 1,785

*Represented Karnov Group’s former major shareholder in the Board of Directors.

The Board’s remuneration in 2020

The annual general meeting on 5 May 2020 resolved on fees for the board members, for the period until the end of the annual general meeting 2021, in the total amount of KSEK 2,200 to be paid in accordance with the following: KSEK 575 to Magnus Mandersson and KSEK 315 each to Ulf Bonnevier, Lone Møller Olsen, Salla Vainio and Mark Redwood. Further, it was resolved on an additional KSEK 150 to the chairman of the audit committee and KSEK 50 each to other members of the audit committee, as well as an additional KSEK 100 to the chairman of the remuneration committee and KSEK 35 each to other members of the remuneration committee.