• How we help

    The professional advisory business is driven by a need for accuracy, security and quality. Our customers therefore need tools that help them support the goals of their organisations, while maintaining the high standards of quality that their customers rightfully expect.

Media independent value creation

At Karnov Group, we understand the complexity of our customers, and with our broad offering of information and workflow solutions, we aim at creating value in the main areas of our users work situations. Media independent, and with a constant focus on delivering the highest level of quality.


Both in the academic situation and for continuous learning, Karnov Group delivers online as well as offline solutions, tailormade for the specific learning area. Our publication businesses in Denmark and Sweden have delivered high quality content for students and practioners for more than 100 years, and this offering is continuously supported by new, engaging solutions.


Whether it is finding the exact piece of case law that supports an argument, or understanding the reasoning behind the amendment of a certain law, Karnov Group delivers the insight needed. Supported by more than 1500 specialist, Karnov Groups legal databases are unparalleled in Scandinavia.


Karnov Group’s solutions in workflow management and current awareness ensures efficient and reliable processes and decisions. Our offerings cover compliance management of Environment, Health, and Safety regulations, work-flow tools for complex tax tasks, and various solutions for keeping knowledge professionals up to date on new regulation and case law.