The first legal periodical is launched in Denmark, a weekly case law overview, describing the most important rulings of the higher courts.


Magnus Karnov publishes the first edition of collected laws with the ambition of making legal information more accessible. The name of the publication is ‘Hvermands lovsamling’ or ‘code of laws for every man’.


The fourth edition of Magnus Karnov’s code of laws is published, and renamed Karnovs Lovsamling, a name that is still used today. The collection of laws is now annotated by experts for improved understanding.


Karnov online is launched, allowing professionals in Denmark and Sweden to do legal research online. This is the beginning of a digital first strategy.


Karnov Group acquires VJS, a Swedish continued legal education business.
Karnov Group is separated from Thomson Reuters, and acquired by GMT private equity.


Karnov Group acquires Magnus Informatik from Wolters Kluwer, strengthening the presence in the accounting market in Denmark.


Five Arrows Principal Investment (FAPI) acquires Karnov Group from GMT.


Karnov Group acquires Notisum, and hereby moves into the compliance workflow market, building on the existing expertise in legal information solutions.


Karnov Group invests in Change Board Member, the first truly international solution in the Karnov Group portfolio
This year, Karnov Group also acquires the Danish legal publisher and course provider, Forlaget Andersen.


Karnov Group acquires Norstedts Juridik from Wolters Kluwer, becoming the indisputable Scandinavian market leader in legal information. This acquisition brings the number of employees to 240.

This year, Karnov Group also invests in BELLA, and hereby takes important steps in facilitating and using legal tech for efficient work flow solutions.