The Karnov Group has zero tolerance for corruption, discrimination, harassment, crimes and environmental violations. We are therefore dedicated to ensuring that irregularities that can seriously damage the company or our employees should be uncovered and investigated as quickly as possible.

We have set up a whistleblowing service to make it simpler for those who wish to provide information about irregularities that conflict with applicable law, ethical and moral principles, or Karnov Group‘s policies. Through this system employees and partners can provide information while being guaranteed total anonymity. All reports are received and investigated by an external company.

No IP addresses are registered and the system does not use cookies. If you are using a computer that is connected to Karnov Group, however, it may be stated on the Internet log that you have visited the website when you made your report. If you do not wish this information to be visible, you should use a computer which is not connected to Karnov Group’s network.

All data communication and storage of personal data is encrypted to prevent it being distorted or becoming known to unauthorised persons.

A report through the whistleblowing function which contains personal data will be handled in accordance with the general data protection regulation (GDPR) and related provisions.

How to make your report

You can make your report via

  • the URL where you need a company code: uec195 in order to log on to the Whistleblowing service.
  • phone call to phone number +46 (0)77-177 99 77. This phone number is also set up in a way to make any report made through it anonymous to the Karnov Group.
  • letter and send it to 2Secure, Box 140, 221 006 Lund, Sweden.