Our authors and specialists

A very big group of the finest legal minds are committed to upholding the quality of Karnov Group’s products and services

As legislation constantly changes and practice continues to evolve, they continuously interpret new developments, gather the threads, and set the legal standard.

With their specialist knowledge and affirmed status in the legal community, Karnov Group’s specialists and authors add a unique and second-to-none value to the Karnov Group brand. 

They are, amongst others:


In Denmark

  • Thomas Rørdam, author and one of three head editors of Karnov and supreme court judge
  • Mads Bryde Andersen, author and head editor of the literary section of UfR and professor at Copenhagen University
  • Hans Henrik Bonde Eriksen, author and member of our tax and accounting advisory board and senior tax partner at KPMG
  • Annette Dellgren, one of three editors of the journal for criminal law and judge at the Western High Court
  • Lars Lindencrone Petersen, author, legal advisor for translations, and knowledge partner at Bech Bruun law firm


In Sweden

  • Anders Eriksson, author and chairman of the editorial board for Karnov and Lexino, former chairman of Säkerhets- och integritetsskyddsnämnden and Säkerhetspolisen
  • Olof Allgårdh, author of EU Initiativ, former minister of the Swedish EU delegation
  • Anders Forsberg, chairman of the board for VJS, former Riksdagsdirektör