Look into the future at the online event Elevate Legal 2021, a NEW Nordic online event by Karnov Group and Norsted Juridik bringing the Nordic legal professionals up to date on international trends, new demands from costumers and development of new Legal-tech tools. The legal industry is rapidly transforming, and we need to stay upfront to strengthen our business. What you do today, will soon be outdated.

With Elevate Legal you can take advantage of new opportunities and be inspired to take the next step on your journey into the future.

Elevate Legal will bring international experts like Daniel Martin Katz, Professor of Law, Illinois Tech and Catie Butt, Executive Director, A&O Consulting at Allen & Overy, to share their experience and knowledge together with Victoria Swedjemark, John Engholm, and many many more.

 For some time now, we have been planning to organize an event cross the Nordic region, and we have been working hard on bringing international experts onto this event for legal professionals all over Scandinavian to be inspired by. Through our central position and contact with legal professionals from all areas of the industry, we experience a need for an event which can inspire, enlighten, and motivate all players cross the industry with knowledge of trends, tech and transformation” tells Flemming Breinholt CEO at Karnov Group AB

Our goal by investing resources in an event on this level is to strengthen the industry we operate in. We hope that the industry will welcome this new event and come together cross the countries to share knowledge and become stronger together in the future. This event will give us knowledge of what to do already today, to meet tomorrow’s new demands.”.

May 18 – 20 2021

Over three consecutive half days, Elevate Legal will bring you up-to-dates on international trends, new technology and transformation of the legal industry. Elevate Legal is an online event and brought to you by Karnov Group Denmark and Norstedts Juridik.  

Welcome to Elevate Legal 2021.

Read more about the event here

For more information, please contact:

Karnov Group
Gitte Trier, PR & Communications manager

Email: Gitte.trier@karnovgroup.com

Norstedts Juridik
Caroline Wiroth, PR & Communications manager
Email: caroline.wiroth@nj.se

The information was submitted for publication on 29 January 2021, at 10:00 a.m. CET.

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