By combining the knowledge of both companies, it is our ambition to provide our customers the best combined service- and product offering for legal and regulatory information in the Swedish market. This means more and higher quality content easily accessible.

We will invest to strengthen and develop our digital services, our relationship with our group of expert authors and we will work tirelessly to integrate, grow and nurture the culture in the new company. Initially, the two companies will continue to function as they do today. There will be no unplanned changes in agreements or terms for customers or suppliers. The product and services will continue to function as they do today.

The work to integrate the two companies and build a combined best in class customer platform will start during 2018 and continue in 2019. We look forward to further developing our offering, because only the best legal and regulatory content is good enough for our customers.

For public press release about the merger, please see the enclosed press release.