The Nomination Committee for the AGM 2020 consists of the following parties:

  • Sacha Oshry, Director, Rothschild & Co, Five Arrows Principal Investments, U.K.;
  • Christian Petersen, Operating Executive, Vind LV AS, Norway;
  • Thomas Ehlin, Corporate Governance, Fourth National Pension Fund, Sweden; and
  • Magnus Mandersson, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Karnov Group AB.

Mr. Sacha Oshry is the Chair of the Nomination Committee.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee are welcome to contact the Nomination Committee. Such proposals should be received no later than December 30, 2019 to ensure that the proposals can be considered by the Nomination Committee. Other proposals for Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be received no later than March 16, 2020, i.e. seven weeks before the AGM which is planned to take place on May 5. Formal notice of the AGM will be published in March 2020.

The nomination committee can be contacted using the following address: