The Future of the Legal Profession 2022 not only quantifies how many of the Scandinavian lawyers have considered quitting and why. The report also provides insight into how far lawyers are willing to go to achieve work-life balance, what opportunities they see with new technology, and how important it is for employers to consider the sustainability issue in order to be an attractive workplace. The report’s three themes:

  • Requirements for better work-life balance
  • The new possibilities of technology
  • The importance of embracing sustainability


The report’s data speaks volumes

45% of lawyers have considered quitting in the last six months. The proportion increases exponentially with stress levels – of those who have already been ill due to stress, 74% have considered leaving their current job. A desire for a better work-life balance is the primary reason to consider quitting. Lawyers are prepared to go to great lengths to get the desired balance: 61% are willing to reject a promotion, 48% are willing to leave their current role, 36% are willing to accept a lower position, and 33% are willing to accept a pay cut.


Technology drives the industry

60% of lawyers believe that new technology is one of the driving forces behind the development of the industry. The most important technology areas are: Technology for automation, technology for workflows and technology that completely or partially replaces the lawyer in simpler legal tasks.

Lawyers believe that the two main reasons for investing in technology are higher productivity (68%) and less routine work (62%). However, very few lawyers consider new technologies to be an integral part of their business. Above all, public sector lawyers believe they have barely got off the ground – as much as 35% – compared to 28% in law firms and 15% in the corporate sector.


The sustainability strategy is important to attract the lawyers of the future

Sustainability is important to today’s lawyers and will become even more important in the future, both for the company’s brand and the ability to retain and attract the right employees. 49% of lawyers believe it is important that their company has a sustainability strategy, and as many as 60% want their future employer to have one. 45% say that their company has a sustainability strategy today, but only 10% believe that it is integrated into their daily work.


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