For the 5th time, Karnov Group gives in depth answers to the challenges and opportunities of the Scandinavian legal professionals. The report shares the latest insights into areas affecting the drive and motivation of legal professionals in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It is based on precious feedback from 3,213 full-time legal professional, and their reflections on personal and professional challenges are invaluable and can serve as great inspiration.

Last year, we gained the insight that almost 50% of the Scandinavian legal professionals had considered leaving their current position. This year, we look at how many actually followed up on the consideration, and for those who did, why.

Also, the report dives into the relevance of technology in the legal field as well as the need for new competences in the area of technology. The survey reveals an impressive increase in how the potential of technology is perceived. Today, tech is considered a main driver for the future of the industry. Undoubtedly, digital aids will be able to save legal professionals a lot of time and increase efficiency in a busy schedule.

Looking at the challenges with diversity as well as the perception of equiality, the report reveals very different views of the challenges of  the industry- whether it concerns the gender pay gap or the equal chances of career advancement.

We would like to thank all the respondents for their time and feedback, and look forward to the discussions that this year’s report will bring.

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